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Session 1a

Mental health and COVID-19

  • Omar Paccagnella, University of Padova (joint with Maria Iannario): Feeling of loneliness among the European elderly: changes during the COVID-19 waves

  • Anita Abramowska-Kmon, School of Economics, Warsaw (joint with Milena Chełchowska and Martin Piotrowski): Contact with other people and mental well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic


Session 1b

Methodological advances using SHARE data

  • Sophia Waldmann, Institute for Employment Research (IAB) (joint with Alexandru Cernat and Joseph W. Sakshaug): Interviewer Effects on the Measurement of Physical Performance in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

Download: Session 1b_Waldmann et al.pdf

  • Carlotta Montorsi, LISER, University of Luxembourg (joint with Philippe Van Kerm, Alessio Fusco and Stephane Bordas): Predicting depression in old age: combining life course data with machine learning

Download: Session 1b_Montorsi et al.pdf

Session 2a

Analysing COVID-19 pandemic with SHARE data

  • Michail Chouzouris, University of Piraeus (joint with Antigone Lyberaki, Platon Tinios, Zafiris Valvis and Thomas Georgiadis): Informal care as a protective mechanism: Did the form of long-term care received help the reaction to COVID-19?

  • Thomas Renaud, LEDa-LEGOS, Université Paris-Dauphine (joint with Louis Arnault and Florence Jusot): Does the COVID-19 pandemic threaten equity in healthcare use in Europe?

  • Martina Celidoni, University of Padova (joint with Chiara Dal Bianco): Retirement pathways during the Covid-19 pandemic – evidence from SHARE

Download: Session 2a_Celidoni_DalBianco.pdf


Session 2b

Health and long-term care

  • Liili Abuladze, Estonian Institute for Population Studies, Tallinn University (joint with Elena Selezneva, Oxana Sinyavskaya and Luule Sakkeus): Associations with Self-Rated Health among Middle-Aged and Older Foreign-Origin Population Compared with Destination and Origin Populations

Download: Session 2b_Abuladze et al.pdf

  • Aviad Tur-Sinai, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (joint with Netta Bentur and Giovanni Lamura): Reasons for Perceived Deterioration in Health Status Following the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-National Survey

Download: Session 2b_Tur-Sinai et al.pdf

  • Maud  Wieczorek, LIVES Center, University of Lausanne (joint with Clément Meier, Sarah Vilpert, Jürgen Maurer and Matthias Kliegel): Multiple chronic conditions and insufficient health literacy: evidence among older adults living in Switzerland

Download: Session 2b_Wieczorek et al.pdf

Session 3a

Wellbeing, economic and environmental effects

  • Ela Ostrovsky-Berman, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, Jerusalem (joint with Yitschak Shnoor and Shirli Resnizky): Changes in Subjective Well-Being in Elderly as a Result of Ongoing Life Changes: Do Country Characteristics matter?

Download: Session 3a_Ostrovsky-Berman et al.pdf
  • Catarina Midões, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (joint with Enrica De Cian, Malcolm Mistry, Giacomo Pasini and Sara Pesenti): New opportunities for understanding environmental risk and wellbeing

Download: Session 3a_Midões et al.pdf

  • Viola Angelini, University of Groningen (joint with Irene Ferrari): The long-term effects of experienced macroeconomic shocks on wealth

Download: Session 3a_Ferrari.pdf

Session 3b

Gender differences: care regimes, jobs and public pensions

  • Cassandra Simmons, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna (joint with Ricardo Rodrigues, Eszter Zolyomi, Selma Kadi and FutureGEN project consortium): Gender and care-regime-based discrepancies in reporting informal care within spousal care dyads

Download: Session 3b_Simmons et al.pdf

  • Dario Mustač, University of Zagreb (joint with Petra Međimurec and Ivan Čipin): Gender differences in job loss among older workers following the outbreak of COVID-19

Download: Session 3b_Mustac et al.pdf

  • Dave Knapp, University of Southern California (joint with Agar Brugiavini, Jinkook Lee, Drystan Phillips and Giacomo Rebellato): Determinants and Implications of Sex-Based Public Pension Income Disparities: A Cross-Country Analysis

Download: Session 3b_Knapp et al.pdf

Session 4

Causality and heterogeneous effects

  • Małgorzata Karolina Kozłowska, University of Warsaw: Lifetime Income Inequality: quantile treatment effect of retirement on the distribution of lifetime income

Download: Session 4_Kozlowska.pdf

  • Louis Arnault, Université Paris Dauphine (joint with Julien Bergeot): Informal care and mental health: a story of unobserved heterogeneity

  • Andrej Srakar, Institute for Economic Research Ljubljana (joint with Boris Majcen and Tjaša Bartolj): Does Long-Term Care Provision Reduce Health Care Utilization? A Semiparametric Dynamic Panel Mediation Estimation

Download: Session 4_Srakar et al.pdf


Session 5a

Workplace and economic stress in times of COVID-19

  • Raluca Elena Buia, University Ca' Foscari Venice (joint with Agar Brugiavini, Irene Ferrari, Y. Gao and Irene Simonetti): Work Interruptions and Medium-Term Labour Market Outcomes of Older Workers During the Pandemic

Download: Session 5a_BuiaRaluca et al.pdf

  • Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, Warsaw School of Economics (joint with Dorota Holzer-Żelażewska and Michał Taracha): Persistence of economic stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

Download: Session 5a_Chłoń-Domińczak et al.pdf

  • Marco Bertoni, University of Padova (joint with Danilo Cavapozzi, Giacomo Pasini and Caterina Pavese): Remote working and mental health during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic


Session 5b

Loneliness, anxiety and personality types

  • George Pavlidis, Linköping University: Cross-national prevalence and the outcomes of objective and subjective states of exclusion from social relations in later life: Evidence from the 4th and 6th wave of SHARE

  • Antanas Kairys, Vilnius University (joint with Olga Zamalijeva and Jekaterina Navickė): Replication of resilient, overcontrolled and undercontrolled personality types using SHARE data

Download: Session 5b_Kairys et al.pdf



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